Guess who voted against helping Puerto Rico after the hurricane? (Hint, he’s running for governor next year)

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In the wake of devastating hurricanes that pounded the Carribean this season, Puerto Rico suffered catastrophic damage that left the island without any infrastructure. Now, one month out from that disaster, less than 20% of residents (reminder, they are US citizens) in Puerto Rico have access to power and clean water is still an issue as well.

Many in Congress saw the urgency of the issue and did pass the relief package, but with 69 Republicans still dissenting, the fate of US citizens has somehow become a political issue.

But, that doesn’t seem to be the case for New Mexico’s perennial conservative Congressman, Rep. Steve Pearce. Pearce voted against the relief package that not only secured money for Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico but general relief funds for natural disasters including the ongoing deadly wildfires in California.

Pearce released a press release trying to explain his rationale on denying millions of people access the most basic of needed resources. While dancing around his political decision he admitted this:

“Congress has the responsibility to aid in the recovery by providing emergency disaster funding – no one can disagree with this charge or with the need.”

Pearce can’t even justify his own actions without stating the obvious fact that he’s shirking his responsibilities to American citizens.

This isn’t the first time (by a longshot) that Pearce has broken with the majority of his party on issues but the callousness of voting against relief for natural disaster victims at home and abroad is something even President Trump backed away from after pressure from his own base. While Pearce supports Trump 89.6% of the time, voting against the relief package shows the extreme nature of Pearce’s conservativism.

Overall, Pearce’s record in Congress is a dismal trail of helping the industries that support him and his massive PAC while consistently voting against any direct action that helps people. He’s consistently voted against the Affordable Care Act and more recently failed to act to protect the Children’s Health Insurance Program. He’s worked to actively dismantle the protections of our beautiful national monuments within the state with an unabashed focus on allowing Industry to gain access to our public lands. He’s leveraged his PAC to try and meddle in local elections around the state

One of the ways he’s shown his disdain for the people of New Mexico is by his consistent leveraging of his PAC to meddle in local elections around the state. But, with by keeping YOU informed about his actions and YOUR actions at the ballot box, we’ve seen Pearce backed candidates consistently beaten back across the board.

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