Next up: a new governor. Who do progressives support?

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Everyone is talking about this week’s elections.  Donald Trump in the White House. Progressive Democrats are set to lead the State House.  What does it all mean?  It’s probably too early to tell, but that doesn’t mean political junkies aren’t already thinking about the next election.

If 2016 was an election of a lifetime for national politics, 2018 may be just that for New Mexico.

Just this week Steve Pearce said he’s considering a run for governor (encouraged by the rise of Trump, no doubt).  We did the math and found that if Steve Pearce earned all of the votes he just won in his Congressional re-election and every Trump vote in Bernalillo County, he’d already have 80% of the votes Susana Martinez won to win re-election in 2014.

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See why we can’t afford to wait?

So who will step up to dig New Mexico out of this mess?  A poll from our friends at the NM Political Report earlier this year found that Democrats liked their chances with Attorney General Hector Balderas or Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham.  Now Senator Tom Udall says he’s considering a run.

Gov. Tom Udall? Senator says he’s considering run to fix Martinez’s mess | ProgressNowNM

Balderas, Berry lead among partisans looking ahead to 2018 | The NM Political Report

So let’s get started – who do New Mexico’s progressives want to see for Governor in 2018? You tell us!  Take our very unscientific but revealing poll now


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And don’t miss this cool event next week in ABQ

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