State House Reduces Standardized Testing Hours for New Mexico’s Students

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State Representative Joanne Ferrary experienced her first success in passing a bill on Monday night. Ferrary, a Progressive Champion from Las Cruces, worked incredibly hard to gain bipartisan support for House Bill 185.

Ferrary’s “win” is also a huge win for New Mexico’s students. PARCC testing has a past riddled with questionable motivations. With Pearson serving as an implementation wing, and PARCC testing replacing the former SBA testing for our students, young learners are experiencing an absence of exactly that: learning.

PARCC testing means more teaching for a test, and less time spent “actually” teaching.

Ferrary’s HB185 eliminates this reality for New Mexico’s future. It will not only put a stop to the padding of pockets between for-profit testing companies, and politics associated with perpetuating that cycle, it will also reduce the number of hours allowed for testing in classrooms.

HB 185 caps total allowed hours for testing at 25, and limits the testing window to 180 minutes a day.

Representative Ferrary spoke passionately about how this would lend to lessened stress, anxiety, and tension that constant testing creates between students and teachers.

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HB185 is now headed to the Senate with some promise and potential behind it. Legislators will have the ability to choose the right answer for our children.

Say Thanks and Congratulations to Rep. Ferrary for This Important Win