City of Las Cruces just said NO to Trump’s wall: Support our state legislators trying to do the same thing!

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In a 6-1 vote yesterday, the City of Las Cruces sent a resounding message to President Trump: No border wall in our backyard.

Las Cruces is the county seat of Doña Ana County which shares 62 miles of its southern border with Mexico. The treaty which ended hostilities between the two countries in 1848 was signed in Mesilla, the village just west of Las Cruces and at the time, still a part of Mexico.

The resolution, introduced by Mayor pro-tem Greg Smith, states among other points, “Whereas, the economic, historic, and cultural connections between our part of the United States and just across the border in Mexico is underscored by the families whose members have been connected across this region for hundreds of years before there was a border between the modern countries of the United States and Mexico.”

The dissenting vote was cast, unsurprisingly, by perennial conservative Ceil Levatino. Levatino didn’t hold back her contempt for those speaking against the wall by making a condescending joke about such a wall “becoming a tourist destination” and by glibly referencing the Bracero program, which drew harsh murmurs from the audience and a slew of angry Twitter comments.

The council chambers were mostly full by the time the meeting began and those in support of the resolution numbered nearly 8-1 when polled by the mayor. Additionally, District 4 council member Jack Eakman said he’d received 83 letters or emails about this issue from his district alone, 80 in favor of the resolution and only 3 in support of the wall.

You can see the whole discussion that took place in the Las Cruces City Council meeting here:


Las Cruces City Council has taken the lead on many progressive policies in the past:

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The growing pushback against Trump’s agenda has taken hold in the New Mexico legislature as well. HB 292, known as the No State Land for Border Wall act, cleared the House State Government, Indian and Veteran Affairs Committee yesterday morning.

Angelica Rubio, who represents district 35 in the heart of Las Cruces, introduced HB 292 which would disallow the State Land Office from selling, leasing, or otherwise allowing federal entities from utilizing state lands along the border of New Mexico and Mexico that would be needed to complete the proposed wall.

Take action below and add your name to our petition to say NO to using New Mexico’s state land for Trump’s border wall: