12-month contraception bill goes before the House Judiciary Committee today

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On Monday afternoon at the Roundhouse, HB 284 moves forward to the House Judiciary Committee where legislators will take the next step in favor of New Mexico women truly taking access to birth control in their own hands.


It’s time to simplify the lives of New Mexico women by eliminating the need to visit a pharmacy every 30 or 90 days to refill prescriptions. Access to 12- month contraception is not only a convenience, it would reduce the chance of an unintended pregnancy. If you believe in New Mexico women and families being allowed to managed their reproductive decisions, please show your support at today’s hearing:

HB 284




(Please arrive early.)

Having control over their own bodies and their own reproductive health is essential for New Mexico women.


SHARE THIS POST. Your presence and your voice will be needed to show the powers that be that HB 284 is a positive step forward for the women of  New Mexico.

CALL THE SPONSORS OF HB 284 and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts to expand access to healthcare for women in the state, and how important this bill is to New Mexico women and their families. Click this link and call the legislators sponsoring the bill.

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