Steve Pearce Voted “YES” to Trump Care – He is Bad for New Mexico

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With the approval of Trump Care on the horizon, many New Mexicans are and should be worried about what will happen to their access to services. Many local clinics providing preventative care to women and families will close. Low-income populations will feel the effects of the Trump Care roll out the worst.

New Mexico has been identified as a state that is one of the highest on the impact charts as far as impact and implications of the new healthcare plan, is concerned. The effects are wide sweeping – and at times it is hard to see just how decisions at a federal and congressional level, affect those in our communities.

ProgressNow NM turned to the constituents of Steve Pearce, and New Mexico at large for their reactions to the most recent decisions made by Congress. As many of you know, Steve Pearce voted “Yes” to Trump Care – That’s why we believe Steve Pearce is bad for New Mexico.


There are voices in our communities that are asking for access to healthcare – for healthcare for all. We are many, we are different, but we all want the same thing. Help us let Steve Pearce know that his vote for Trump Care is a vote against what New Mexicans need and stand for. Share this story, and send us your own.