New: Koch Brothers back in New Mexico with fake-grassroots group chapter

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Koch Brothers by DonkeyHotey

In 2013, ProgressNowNM gave the Koch Brothers a black eye when our conservative tracking program leaked that their Hispanic outreach program, centered around their New Mexico chapter of their Americans For Prosperity front group, was planning to close up shop in the middle of a big election cycle.

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The Koch’s made New Mexico their home in more ways than one that year.  In August, they rented out the entire Santa Ana Tamaya Resort for their infamous donor/politician “retreat” headlined by Gov. Susana Martinez and (then) House Majority Leader Paul Ryan.

After giving up for 4 years, they are back in New Mexico and better resourced to open offices around the state not just to press President Trump’s pro-oil and gas (aka, Koch bottom line) agenda, but they are ready to work in races right down to the city level.

From the Santa Fe Reporter:

After at least a four-year hiatus, the Koch brothers-founded nonprofit Americans for Prosperity is back in New Mexico and prepared to spend during the upcoming election cycle…

“Burly” Cain is a native New Mexican and has recently worked on the presidential campaign of Libertarian and former governor Gary Johnson.

Cain started with AFP on May 1 and says he’ll open an Albuquerque office soon, with plans to identify locations for satellite offices in the near future. Santa Fe is in the running, he says. AFP plans an advocacy training session, something it calls the Grassroots Leadership Academy, next month, as well as the start of a speakers’ series in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces. He hasn’t announced the speakers.

AFPs’ first public appearance came during a recent Albuquerque City Council meeting where local leaders announced that AFP was against giving voters the right to vote on local gas tax proposals.

It’s time to reinvest in our Koch-tracking project for New Mexico (the same one which dogged them in 2012 and 2013 until they packed up shop).

How did we discredit AFP?

Our researchers tracked Americans for Prosperity Events and reports when they were attempting to establish credibility in New Mexico in 2012.  Every time they sent a media advisory or press release announcing an event or report, we hit back.  We responded by reminding press outlets that AFP was an arm of the dark money right-wing movement and funded by big energy interests, including the Koch Brothers.

Our ongoing work helped to expose them as a bullhorn for big money interests, not a membership-based true grassroots organization.

Now it’s time to do that again.  This time our research and rapid response teams are even bigger and we’re ready to respond, if you are ready to help.

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