[ACT NOW] Time is running out for your comments to save our National Monuments

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Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said in testimony yesterday that he would come to New Mexico and see first-hand areas within at least one of the state’s two National Monuments his department is reviewing.

The DOI is reviewing the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument and Rio Grande del Norte National Monument because of spurious claims that President Obama overreached his authority when designating both areas under the Antiquities Act. Read more to see why we know New Mexicans want our monuments to be left as is.

The attempt to reduce the size of areas like the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument and Rio Grande del Norte National Monument are purely political, being driven by Industry insiders who want access to public lands for private development. New Mexicans do NOT want that to happen. Read More:

New Mexicans LOVE our #PublicLands


July 5th is rapidly approaching. It’s the last day you can submit your comments to the Department of the Interior about why you want to keep our National Monuments the way they are. It’s imperative that our elected officials and the head of the DOI hear from us.

There are already hundreds of thousands of submissions from folks around the country registered with the DOI. We want to keep adding to that number. You can add your voice to the to help save our monuments with this quick form:

Use ProgressNow’s civic engagement tools to tell Secretary Zinke how much New Mexico’s monuments mean to us and we’ll deliver your comments before the comment period closes.