NEW: Steve Pearce will run for governor in 2018

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Steve Pearce has been both a big oil executive and Tea Party Congressman.  Now he says those experiences make him the perfect man to be New Mexico’s next governor.

Pearce will officially announce today his campaign for governor in 2018, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Pearce was an early supporter of Donald Trump and has voted with Trump’s agenda 94.6% of the time.  In a deep red state, that might be a path to victory but Trump lost New Mexico by 8 points in 2016 and his approval ratings haven’t helped matters any since.

Pearce has lost two statewide races before.  He failed to win the Republican primary for US Senate in 2000 and gave up his Congressional seat in 2008 to challenge Tom Udall for US Senate.  Aided by the Tea Party wave in 2010, Pearce returned to Congress but has long been rumored to be eyeing statewide office.

Pearce, one of the richest members of Congress, has also staked out some of the most extreme positions on issues voters outside of his conservative leaning Southern New Mexico Congressional district aren’t likely to agree with, like saying poor seniors should stay healthy until they are old enough for Medicaid, or that women should “voluntarily submit” to their husbands.

At ProgressNow NM, we know a thing or two about Steve Pearce.  In fact, we’ve written 99 posts, reports, vote counts and analysis pieces about him since we started in 2012.

He was upset when we outed his press secretary as an anonymous racist Twitter troll (read).  And he was upset again when Fox News used ProgressNowNM’s video footage to troll him for turning veterans away from his Congressional office (read). And he wasn’t happy when we called him out for spending almost $20,000 in taxpayer money for a single plane ticket to Egypt (read).

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And just this year, our ads sharing the impact of his TrumpCare vote on real New Mexicans were viewed thousands of times earlier this year and our sister 501c3 organization is partnering with other non-profits to educate voters in his Congressional district about his record on conservation, energy and public lands.

Oh! And ProgressNowNM’s Progressive Champions PAC has defeated Pearce’s Super PAC four times in a row in local elections from Las Cruces to Albuquerque where Pearce tried to use his political influence to persuade voters to vote for his protege’s over progressive candidates.

See our full list of Steve Pearce posts here.

In case you need a few stories to prime you for the race:

We’re ready to see Pearce run for governor.  Are you?

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