Both sides of the coin: What a flip in the NM Governor’s seat means for New Mexicans

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This week, National Journal released power rankings regarding the likelihood of National Gubernatorial seats likely to flip from Republican to Democrat in 2018 – New Mexico was second on that list.

There is certainly a laundry list of obvious reasons why this likelihood exists. Ask ten New Mexicans and you’ll get a majority response in a need for change that lists reasons like education, budget woes, and lack of accountability and transparency. Governor Martinez has had her share of failures in all these departments. From lawsuits, to veto fits, and pizza parties, Governor Susana Martinez has surely made Congressman Steve Pearce’s route toward her post an arduous task.

What might New Mexicans expect to see as a result of this sort of shake up? “Dark money” and plenty of it, flowing into the state to further regressive Republican agendas.

ProgressNow NM has done its share of exposing dark money in New Mexico politics. In 2014, the Koch Brothers via Americans for Prosperity said goodbye to New Mexico as a land where they’d decided to setup shop.

It wasn’t the last we’d see of them though, just this year we made our followers aware of their return.

Currently, ProgressNow, NM, is following Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s plan to bring transparency to campaign financing – a future realization that all New Mexicans deserve, one that is of the utmost importance now, as Republicans stand to fight an uphill battle. The leveling of playing fields might just depend on how much “dark money” is put on the table to help push the fake news envelope and sway voters in 2018.

Who we elect matters. We realize the climate we are living in and the importance of educating communities on the facts and providing tools we can all use to protect ourselves and make informed decisions in voting at any level.

It matters so much to us that we continually stay organizing around the state, educating New Mexicans on issues and ways to engage and be involved at all levels of politics via events like our Progressive Actions Summits. Aside from community organizing, we have kept our eye on the pocket books and decision making of elected officials that represent or fail to represent what is in the best interest of their New Mexican constituency.

We’ve reported on Congressman Pearce’s activities at the school board and city council levels in regards to the way he has meddled in those elections. Remember that? If not, familiarize yourself with it here – and get ready, because it could become something to look out for on a regular basis, now.

With a national news outlet and resource reporting that New Mexicans could see a Democrat take over the Governor’s office in 2018 a sigh of relief might not be the most intelligent response on behalf of liberals and moderates aching for change – instead gearing up for a fight against a slew of ad campaigns including physical mailers and television commercials, radio ads and more might be the wiser choice.

In 2018, New Mexicans will have an important decision to make. Will dark money control the choices made for our children, our communities, and our natural resources? We would like to think not – we will continue to fight for the assurance of that not being the case. Let’s continue to #Resist. How does that sound?

With your help, we can make sure to continue to fight the good fight, help to bring transparency and change to New Mexico politics and continue to educate communities on how they can continue or begin to get involved in process of moving New Mexico forward. Your donation will help continue the necessary efforts of providing an outlet that demands transparency, and accountability when it comes to New Mexico politics.