Progressive Legislators “Pass the Test” in recent Common Cause report

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On Wednesday, Common Cause New Mexico released their  New Mexico GPA Report Card ranking New Mexico’s legislators according to their votes on particular bills/issues that presented themselves in the form of legislation this past session.

In evaluating each legislator and assigning a grade, Common Cause focused on how legislators voted along key issues such as voter registration, campaign finance reform, lobbyist reporting requirements, the establishment of an independent state ethics commission, and the creation of an independent redistricting commission. That list is full of important issues for you, our readers and supporters – some of New Mexico’s “progressive champions” faired really well on their “report cards,” and some of their conservative counterparts, not so much. The Santa Fe New Mexican highlighted some scores that might be of interest to New Mexicans for different reasons.

You can view the full set of scores below, along with some commentary from Heather Ferguson, the Legislative Director at Common Cause, when it comes to “doing the right thing.”

In a press release obtained from Common Cause New Mexico, Legislative Director, Heather Ferguson said, “Each legislator had a different number of opportunities to do the right – or the wrong – thing…and this report card reflects the actions taken by each legislator on the floor and in committee.”

As you can see, #WhoWeElectMatters. There are a number of state and municipal elections approaching. New Mexicans deserve to be represented by individuals who can be held accountable and responsible for representing their respective constituents and their interests. ProgressNow New Mexico works to ensure that accountability measures can be put into and remain in place, year round so that we push New Mexico forward in ways that benefit everyone in our state. The help from our readers as we absorb and take action around information like what is provided by Common Cause New Mexico, here, enables us to continue in the effort of engaging and informing New Mexico’s citizens.