Celebrate Women’s right to vote – now protect abortion

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This year has brought us so many more reasons to stand up and make our voices heard. From dealing with the current resident of the White House and his dangerous policies to dealing with attacks against our immigrant community, people of color, our LGBTQ community, and women.

Although it may seem overwhelming at times, now more than ever we need to stand strong to ensure that our voices are heard.

Simply put – we need to vote.

As we celebrate the 97th anniversary of the 19th Amendment we need to remember what is on the line and what’s at stake. For women, this could mean the ability to decide when – or if – to plan a family. And we know that family planning directly affects the economic stability of women and families.

It is no secret that the current administration holds women in contempt. It became plainly evident when we saw the President sign his first executive action that barred international non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortion from receiving government funding from the US. Surrounded only by men.

Again – we need to vote.

Shortly after this year’s inauguration, we saw millions of women across the nation, including New Mexico, rally and march in solidarity for women’s rights – above all the right to be respected to make our own decisions about abortion. We knew right off the bat, that this new administration would be gunning for us, and they are.

But the momentum cannot stop at rallies or marches, we need to take this momentum to the ballot box. We need to vote.

Think of the women in your life – you mother, sister, daughter, niece, cousin, best friend, lover, partner, or wife – now imagine a world where they did not have the ability to decide what type of a life or future they wanted. This is what this administration is trying to accomplish.

As you get ready to enjoy your weekend take a moment and remind the women in your life about the anniversary we are celebrating – the ratification of the 19th Amendment – and remind them that their future is still in their hands.

Remind them that we need to vote