Mayoral Candidate: Gus Pedrotty

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As part of our continued efforts to inform the voters of New Mexico about their choices when it comes to who they/we elect for public office, we are providing a comprehensive voter guide for the upcoming municipal election. See the full Voter Guide here.

Gus Pedrotty

Registered as a Democrat

Endorsements by community organizations:

  • None listed on candidate’s public website. Endorsement lists can be sent to carlos[at]

Occupation: Recent Graduate of University of New Mexico  

Facebook: Gus Pedrotty for Mayor 


Who pays for their campaign: view the finance report.

What they say about themselves: Gus grew up in Albuquerque, attending public school and engaging in arts, science, athletics, and business in the city’s theatres, labs, stadiums, and streets. A product of Albuquerque, he continues to engage in all opportunities the city has to offer and to give back through philanthropic efforts.

Gus recently graduated from the University of New Mexico where he studied music and the brain in an interdisciplinary education format. Gus obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Psychology.

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