Mayoral Candidate: Ricardo Chaves

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Ricardo Chaves

Registered as a Republican

Endorsements by community organizations:

  • None listed on candidate’s public website. Endorsement lists can be sent to carlos[at]

Occupation: Founder of Parking Company of America 

Facebook: Ricardo Chaves 


Who pays for their campaign: view the finance report.

What they say about themselvesA self-made businessman, Ricardo Chaves founded Parking Company of America in 1963. From one small parking lot on the corner of Fifth Street and Copper Avenue (where the main downtown library is now located), Ricardo built this family business into one of the largest privately-owned parking operations in the United States.

Ricardo is a proud graduate of Albuquerque High School. Several years later, Chaves joined a group of investors to purchase the Old ABQ High School downtown campus which had been abandoned and fallen into ill repair. Chaves’ renovation plans became an award-winning complex of mixed-use office space, condos and apartments that has become a vital hub of the downtown area.

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