Mayoral Candidate: Susan Wheeler-Deichsel

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As part of our continued efforts to inform the voters of New Mexico about their choices when it comes to who they/we elect for public office, we are providing a comprehensive voter guide for the upcoming municipal election. See the full Voter Guide here.

Susan Wheeler-Deichsel

Registered as Independent

Endorsements by community organizations:

  • None listed on candidate’s public website. Endorsement lists can be sent to carlos[at]

Occupation: Owner and Innkeeper at Endion ABQ/La Casita Rosada

Facebook: Susan for ABQ


Who pays for their campaign: view the finance report.

What they have to say about themselvesI was once told there are two types of people in the world: those who enter a room and announce ‘Here I am,’ and those who come in saying, ‘There you are.’

“Albuquerque, there you are. I want to hear from you.”

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