Graham-Cassidy: Worse than Other Repeal Bills (especially for NM)

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Senate Republicans are at it again. A third, and worst so far, bill to take healthcare away from millions of (mostly poor) Americans and jack up rates for those who use what healthcare is left, is on the table and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he’s looking to give it a vote next week. To do it, he’ll have to bypass the regular committee process and move without knowing exactly how many people will lose coverage or how much rates will increase for all categories of patients.

The tactics of closed-door conversations motivated by a partisan approach and the interests of a few, instead of the many, are definitely at play when it comes to the Graham-Cassidy repeal plan.

When the first attempt at repealing the current healthcare plan that is in place failed, Senate Republicans went back to the drawing board, and now they’re back, what’s at stake? Take a look.

Here’s what Graham-Cassidy STILL does (at least what we know so far):

  • It still guts Medicaid by hundreds of billions of dollars and it eliminates Medicaid expansion.

  • It still could allow states to let insurance companies once again charge people with pre-existing conditions more and allows states to gut other key protections.

  • It still strips health care from people with disabilities, seniors in nursing homes, children and other vulnerable populations.

  • It still allows states to let insurance companies charge up to 5 times more for people over 50.

  • It still means tens of millions would have their health care taken away – up to 32 million.

  • And, for the first time, the Republican repeal bill eliminates tax credits that make health care more affordable for people with coverage through the ACA.

The lack of transparency, the doubling back on promises made to the American people, and the cuts to coverage, the price hikes for available coverage, and the removal of protections for some our country’s most vulnerable are not only still present, their presence has grown with this current plan.

The images below, courtesy of the New York Times, show you how New Mexico and New Mexicans will be affected by Graham-Cassidy – see the full report here.

(click to view full-size versions)

Which part of the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal is worse?

  •  $1500 in funding cuts (cost increases) for New Mexico plans? or,
  • Taking Medicaid money from NM to give to Texas to reward TX for not expanding Medicaid to help the poor.

We’ll let you decide…