Abortion and Respect

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There are so many ways that we can talk about abortion – often times, speak about it in the context of protecting the decision making ability of women and the protection of the legality of it.

As we approach the end of another week in which Republicans in Congress took another swing at Roe, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of what is at the root of what we all fight for – respect.

This movement transcends genders, generations, and socioeconomic status, and tied by the notion that respect is a tangible value that everyone deserves. We believe that decisions about abortion and reproductive health are deeply personal and belong between a woman and her medical provider. Government interference in these private medical decisions is unacceptable. A woman should feel supported in her decision to seek a safe and legal abortion. All of our beliefs and what makes our movement so strong is rooted in respect.

Respect is something that is ours to give and yet still something that we must earn. We all see our role in our fight to ensure that abortion remains safe and legal as something different. For some, it’s fighting the court battles from local to federal government, supporting the cause by volunteering and organizing, writing a blog, or sharing our stories with those we trust.

Sometimes, just being there for someone is the most important role we can play. We are very fortunate, here in New Mexico, to have some outstanding organizations that bring people together in support of respecting a woman’s decision about abortion. One such organization is the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC); one aspect of their work is to help women with some of the details that are often forgotten – like transportation and a place to sleep.

We spoke to Kyra Ellis-Moore, a volunteer driver for RCRC about her thoughts on volunteering. “As a person who is committed to reproductive justice, it is important to me to enact that commitment on the ground and in substantial ways. As a New Mexican, it is important to me to demonstrate to women who come here seeking care, our hospitality and our commitment to making that care accessible to all people. And as a person of faith, it is important for me to demonstrate that my Christianity and my commitment to reproductive justice are not mutually exclusive, but rather, inseparable.”

There are so many stories that we don’t often hear, and that is something we need to change. There is so much power in our stories and our lived experiences, and every time we share them we help others to understand why respect is still worth fighting for. We’d like to give all of you an opportunity to join us in sharing our stories and giving people a new understanding of what our fight for respect is all about.

Respect New Mexico Women is hosting Respect 140 on Tuesday, November 14 from 6:30-8:00 pm at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

This year, 20 speakers will present their personal stories and experiences to show how storytelling can be a powerful tool to remove the stigma surrounding the range of reproductive health experiences. Each speaker will give a TED-talk style presentation in just 140 seconds.

Please RSVP and share with your friends. This is how we show our respect. Looking forward to sharing this powerful evening with you all!