Keller wins! Progressive mandate against Trump-style politics grows stronger

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Another day, another harsh rebuke of the Republican agenda and the Trump-style tactics that have become the norm for conservative candidates up and down the ballot in New Mexico and across the nation.

Yesterday, Albuquerque took to the polls again in a run-off election. And again, yesterday – as we saw last week in Las Cruces – progressives saw their champions triumph and offer an aspirational, practical vision for the future that resonated with overwhelming majorities of the electorate.

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Here’s what our own Lucas Herndon said about the wins in Las Cruces last week:

What is telling is that all three of the candidates that ProgressNow’s own PAC endorsed won. Again.

This is now the fourth election in the row that progressive candidates have beaten back better-funded candidates with endorsements from out-of-state PACs.

These big victories for Las Cruces show the ongoing commitment of the people of Las Cruces to supporting progressive policy changes at the most local levels.

Just replace “fourth” with “fifth” in that second sentence and you’re all caught up here in Albuquerque, too.

Tim Keller – who was endorsed by our Progressive Champions PAC (along with a slew of other community groups, unions, professional organizations, etc.) – trounced his opponent, Dan Lewis, by 25 percentage points (!) in one of the biggest election victories progressives have ever seen in Albuquerque.

Tim Keller speaking to a sold-out crowd at our Progressive Summit earlier this year

Albuquerque, too, can now claim a strong mandate to support progressive policy changes throughout the city. This is tracking with national trends as well that have seen the party of Trump beaten handily in almost every big election to happen since his inauguration.

Keller has well-thought-out plans that have broad community support for how to turn Albuquerque around after 8 years of the failed Richard Berry administration. Read more about Mayor-elect Keller’s “ABQ Works” plans here.

And the icing on the cake last night came when Cynthia Borrego – a Democrat from ABQ’s Westside running to fill Dan Lewis’ city council seat – upset her Republican opponent Robert Aragon in a win most people didn’t see coming.

Here are the full results from Tuesday’s run-off election in Albuquerque:

2017 ABQ run-off election results [SOURCE: ABQ City Clerk]

It’s obviously awesome to see our state electing progressive leaders that are committed to strengthening economic opportunities for hardworking families, finding innovative ways to tackle our public safety problems, and providing quality education for every single one of our students.

But we can’t get complacent and we can’t expect these wins to continue without continuing our collective work. It’s more important now than ever.

New ABQ City Councilor Cynthia Borrego on the campaign trail alongside Mayor-elect Keller [SOURCE: Facebook]

Next year we’ll elect a progressive governor that will lead New Mexico into the next decade – but only if we all continue to stay engaged and involved.

Next year every seat in the New Mexico House of Representatives is up for grabs and we have a chance to increase the number of progressive legislators – but only if we all continue to stay engaged and involved.

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver is up for re-election. There will be important judicial races and ballot initiatives as well.

The stakes are high and the odds are in our favor but we can’t pretend we have any of this on lock down. It’s only going to happen if YOU make it happen.

So stay tuned to ProgressNow NM in the coming months as we roll out our strategy for the 2018 legislative session, launch our 2nd Annual Progressive Summit (!), promote the amazing work our partners are doing throughout the state, and continue providing you with the tools you need to hold our leaders accountable and move New Mexico forward.