Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Coverage Closes December 15th

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There is a deadline on the horizon that is supremely important to thousands of New Mexicans. This time of year many folks are focused on the calendar for holiday purposes. ProgressNow New Mexico, however, wants you to quickly turn your attention to your health. As we head into the last days of 2017, the days are even fewer in regards to how many you have to make a decision about your health insurance coverage.

December 15th is the date when open enrollment for health insurance coverage closes in New Mexico.

That being said, we wanted to pass along some vital and helpful information afforded to us by the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance of New Mexico.

According to OSI, as many as 50,000 New Mexicans are eligible for $0 monthly premium Bronze-level plans, or even more generous benefits through Gold-level plans for under $250 per month.

OSI, provided a few examples of cases in New Mexico, that many New Mexicans reading this blog might relate to. Here, are a couple:

  • An Albuquerque family of four earning $65,000 a year could obtain coverage for the whole family at $0 a month with a Bronze plan, $207 a month for a Gold plan, or $415 a month for a Silver plan, and
  • A 28-year-old in Clovis earning $25,000 a year could obtain coverage at $0 a month for a Bronze plan, $56 a month for a Gold plan, or $125 a month for a Silver plan.

Making decisions about your health coverage can be confusing. In aiming to provide our community with access to tools and resources that make difficult decisions like the one at hand, easier, we are passing along the invitation to utilize the tools provided by OSI, to make informed choices for you and your loved ones by December 15th.

Use OSI’s free plan comparison tool at

Here is where according to OSI, you can, explore your options, discover eligibility for financial assistance, find plans that cover your doctors and prescriptions and calculate total yearly out-of-pocket costs.