One day after making it easier for people to cross state lines with guns, Pearce offers more “prayers” for gun violence victims

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Once again New Mexicans are hurting in the wake of a terrifying school shooting in Aztec earlier today. And while there are some who will undoubtedly say it’s “too early to politize this issue,” the fact of the matter is that when politicians make statements that are out of line with their values it must be addressed.

Predictably, Republican Congressman (and gubernatorial candidate) Steve Pearce took to Twitter to express that he was “praying” for those affected by today’s shooting.

If that looks painfully familiar it’s because you’ve seen it before:

Again and again:

But JUST YESTERDAY, Pearce proudly shared this post on Facebook announcing he’d voted to make it EASIER for people to carry guns concealed across state lines.

So while Pearce continues to support the gun industry and the violence and mayhem they continue to perpetrate, people in his own state are dying. Pearce is one of the top ten most-funded lawmakers by the National Rifle Association. He cares so much about the gun industry and their profits that he’s actively blocked efforts to keep known terrorists on the no-fly list from being able to buy guns.

This has to stop. There has to be more oversight in who is buying guns. New Mexico still allows private sales which completely negates the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Our teachers, students, and every citizen deserve better. Today’s statement from the American Federation of Teachers encapsulates these feelings well:

The coming legislative session we hope to see SOMETHING done about smarter gun laws in New Mexico. If you think there should be something done then please sign onto our specific Smarter Gun Laws email list below.