Transparent, honest, ethical politics – our gift to New Mexicans

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Friends, as supporters of ProgressNow New Mexico’s efforts over the years, you know a lot about the work we’re proud to do and feel a great honor and responsibility toward. With your continued support both by way of volunteer efforts and funding, we’ve been able to fight back as Susana Martinez’s decision making has continually put New Mexicans and our families in danger. The Martinez administration has provided quite a bit of work around our offices – want a reminder?  Here’s a re-visit of some of the “good reads” we penned while Governor Martinez has occupied the Roundhouse.

It goes without saying, New Mexicans are tired of the same old song and dance when it comes to dark money and the political decisions it steers; ProgressNow has fought back as organizations like ALEC and Americans for Prosperity have set their sights on the Land of Enchantment with Governor Martinez at the helm. None of their activity has gone unchecked or missed and you can rest assured, friends, we are hard at work to make sure we can hold our elected officials accountable and push for transparency, just as much today as we were when we began over five years ago.

While we still have you – allow us to thank you for support and tell you about what we have coming up.

Last year’s Progressive Summit in Albuquerque, sold out with more than 500 (and hundreds more on a waitlist) elected officials, activists, organizations and progressive voters together to start the resistance. Following our Albuquerque efforts, we took our energy South and had more than 400 folks come to an all-day summit in Las Cruces. We were onto something. We knew then, that what that meant for 2018, is that we would need to “go big.”

This year, we have even more to do so we’re making room for everyone and adding partners like America Votes, Center for Civic Policy (CCP), Equality NM, the NM Center for Law & Poverty, Working Families Party, El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos and more!

Together through collaboration and cooperation, we are bringing you the largest Summit event to date. You can get your tickets here.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to join a network of state-wide progressive activists, organizations, and the elected officials who represent them/us. This is an opportunity to take action in our New Mexico communities, to ensure we continue to resist the advances of groups like AFP and ALEC in New Mexico. We can fight back together. Please consider joining us on January 20th. Can’t be there? A donation to our efforts enables us to execute the TWO other Summits we have planned in northern and southern New Mexico in 2018 – consider donating today.

With recent successes at the municipal level in Albuquerque, progressives are setting our sites on the gubernatorial races and congressional races of 2018. Come and get informed so as to approach another election season with your values and ideals supported by those you’ve chosen to put in office – who we elect matters.