[Announcement] What to expect January 20th at the Progressive Action Summit

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“The “Blue Wave” of elections in November and December 2017 are just the beginning of the response to the racist and xenophobic policies of the current president.  Our progressive movement, however, we must come to terms with the fact that a win isn’t a win if we are not shifting and building power for Communities of Color, Queer and Trans* people, Immigrants, Women and Workers. This panel will explore the ways in which organizations are centering race, class and gender in our progressive movement, and ways in which all of us, including allies and accomplices, can work toward creating an inclusive democracy.”

-Andrea Serrano, Olé | Adrian Carver, EQNM


Do you like the sound of that?

We do. The time has come, to push New Mexico forward. Reacting to and acting on momentum gathered in 2017, ProgressNow New Mexico, along with our Progressive Alliance partners, and additional collaborating community organizations, are staging the 2018 Progressive Action Summit, January 20th, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Come see Equality New Mexico and the Inclusive Democracy Project, present on “Race, Gender, and Class in Politics.” This presentation is just one of many that will focus on issues that are important to New Mexicans near and far. If you live in Southern or Northern parts of the state, don’t wait until we come to you, come to this Summit and be better prepared for when we hit your part of the state later in 2018.

There’s an issue for everyone to rally around and help move closer to a solution on. Come and hear from activists and area experts as they ask for your help in taking action on issues like, “Alternative Approaches to Economic Development,” “Creating Safer Communities,” and “Tapping the Permanent Fund: Funding Early Childhood Education,” just to name a few.

Be part of New Mexico’s largest day of action. Come help us start 2018 with the momentum necessary to change the landscape of politics not only locally, but on a national scale. If more than two-dozen community organizations in one building talking about change doesn’t excite you enough to buy your ticket now, there will also be a lunchtime plenary featuring Gubernatorial candidates and surprise guest speakers in the realm of elected officials – let’s just say, some Progressive Champions are going to take the stage.

See you there.