[Support Local] Get your tickets now – the money stays in New Mexico

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It is just over two weeks away! The 2018 Progressive Action Summit is approaching. This year’s Summit will mark the third from ProgressNow New Mexico, in two years. This year, we’ve expanded our reach by reaching out to our Progressive Alliance partners, America Votes and the Center for Civic Policy. As a trio, with added capacity and collaboration from El Centro de Igualidad y Derechos, Olé, Equality New Mexico, Working Families, and more – we are bringing Albuquerque a day of action like never seen before!

Collaboration and cooperation are key when bringing so many important issues to a place where community members can discuss possible solutions. We are excited about the work being done behind the scenes right now – to make January 20th incredible.

In our excitement we wanted to take a second to focus on a partnership we imagine doesn’t always get the most credit or exposure. ProgressNow, New Mexico chose to spend money and effort locally when securing event ticketing and promotion services this time around. While looking for the most fitting, effective, and efficient ticket sales and event promotion service, we found Addmi. Heard of em?

If you haven’t you need to change that. If you are in the business of doing events with a business bent, you ought to look these guys up and make sure they become your Burque based ticket sales merchant.

If you know about Addmi, you know the history and the evolution of this business – where it started and what is currently capable of doing. For means of ease, allow us to tell January 20th event goers what this App will do for you WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD IT HERE for Mac or HERE for Android

  • It will allow for a speedier entry into the event – we will scan the QR code on YOUR phone’s screen and hand you a name tag.
  • It will allow you to take pictures through/in the app, to share with event coordinators and organizers.
  • Event goers will be able to leave their comments on breakout sessions, for organizers to read later, via the in-app chat function.
  • Event attendees can exchange and network with others while sharing contact information quickly and easily – networking done right!

Sounds great right? We think so. The best thing about it is by using Addmi, the 2018 Progressive Action Summit is leading by example and walking the #SupportLocal walk. Will you support the efforts of pushing Albuquerque and New Mexico forward, starting January 20th? We hope so. Get your ticket, download the app, and prepare for a day you’ll never forget.