#5 – Top 5 Martinez blunders as we approach another legislative session

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As the new year starts to pick up speed and the 30-day legislative session creeps ever closer, we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight some of Governor Susana Martinez’s biggest failings. Between now and the first day of session, when Governor Martinez is set to give her last State of the State Address, Progress Now NM is pleased to present the top five times Governor Martinez has failed the people of New Mexico.

#5 – Pizza Party – the 911 drunk-dial heard around the world

Back in December of 2015, Governor Susana Martinez hosted her annual Christmas party at the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe. From audio linked below, it sounds like some people may have imbibed a bit too much of the “holiday spirit”. Staff at the hotel reached out to Santa Fe Police, reporting a loud party in the Governor’s room, as well as bottles being thrown from the balcony earlier in the evening.

The next audio clip is the Governor herself, noticeably intoxicated, demanding to know why the police were called, insisting that nothing was going on, a few people eating pizza and drinking coke. Also, she explained that it had been hours since people were throwing bottles from the balcony.

This is hardly the behavior we expect from our state’s top elected official, especially using her position to intimidate hotel and city employees. Besides that fact, and the fact that the story was picked up internationally, embarrassing our state, Governor Martinez’ Pizza Party is one we can’t stop laughing at. The memes that immediately followed still elicit a chuckle from every true New Mexican and #PartyLikeSusana will forever be trending in our hearts.

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