[VIDEOS] Education champs highlighted at NM legislature

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Do you care about education in New Mexico? Yea, you probably do.

High quality education leads to better jobs and more opportunity for families in New Mexico to better themselves. It’s a simple equation that, sadly, many legislators in New Mexico fail to understand. (For example, today, every Republican in the House Education committee voted against fully funding early childhood education in New Mexico by opposing a bill to use a fraction more money from the $10 billion Land Grant Permanent Fund).

Thankfully, there are a surfeit of education champions in the New Mexico Legislature who stand up for our kids and teachers every day of the year and then come to Santa Fe ready to fight on behalf of public education.

Our friends at the National Education Association of New Mexico (NEA-NM) are in the process of profiling some of these champions in a series of videos on their Facebook page.

So far, they’ve sat down with Rep. Liz Thomson, Rep. Joanne Ferrary, Rep. Andres Romero, Rep. Rudy Martinez, Rep. Linda Trujillo, Rep. Daymon Ely — and a little birdie told us that newly-elected Senate Majority Whip Mimi Stewart’s video will be posting soon (so stay tuned for that).

Click this image below and check out all the NEA-NM videos:

NEA-NM’s “Education Champions”