“We must protect access to abortion as a reproductive right contained in the Democratic Party Platform. Lip service won’t suffice.”

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Progressive leaders from within the ProgressNow network are speaking in one loud voice: The Democratic National Committee must respect women and support reproductive rights, including abortion, at every level.

18 Executive Directors from across the country sent an open letter to the DNC leadership last month calling on the trust and respect women to make their own healthcare decisions and to not compromise at all with a Republican party bent on the total and absolute outlawing of abortion.

From the letter:

As progressives, it isn’t enough for us just to oppose Republican policies or promote reproductive rights when we are directly under attack. We must stand for a vision that speaks to fundamental values of autonomy, equity, liberty and self-determination and fight for an America where people can access the medical care they deserve based on their own judgment, including abortions. Trusting and equipping women to regulate their own reproductive lives is fundamental to achieving the kind of gender, race and economic equity that the Democratic Party articulates as its key values.

Here’s the letter in its entirety. 

New Mexico has been a key battleground state for years because overall, thankfully, there are few restrictions on abortion services in the state. This, of course, rankles the anti-choice extremists who’ve spent a lot of time and money in New Mexico to try and strip away abortion rights at every level. 

Of course, access is still an ongoing issue here in New Mexico as much as it is across the country; something that continues to need to be expanded to our geographically large state as well as others. But that doesn’t stop Republicans and some conservative “democrats” from attempting to completely undo what access women do have every chance they get.

Just this year we’ve seen attempts to pass parental notification as well as a Republican-led filibuster of sorts just this past Tuesday pushing an anti-choice agenda during a memorial for the Albuquerque police officer who adopted an opioid-addicted newborn earlier this year.

It’s imperative that we keep fighting locally for reproductive options and it’s critical that the Democratic Party, and anyone who claims to be affiliated with them, recognize that this is a critical issue for women especially, but something that everyone who seeks agency over their own body needs to support.