[TAKE ACTION] Smarter gun policy needs to be forefront up and down the ballot across the state in 2018

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Black semi-automatic handgun laid over stock of hundred dollar bills.

Primary elections in New Mexico take place in June, and the general election isn’t until November but knowing where candidates stand on the issue of smarter gun laws is something we should all be paying attention to now. With the momentum from the brave students in Florida who survived last weeks massacre who are demanding something be done about the lax gun laws in this country, current elected leaders and candidates should be seeing this as cornerstone issue for 2018.

And, this past 30-day session the issue of smarter gun laws hardly made a blip. As the Santa Fe New Mexican put it:

But ProgressNow New Mexico has been working on keeping the drumbeat going for smarter gun laws for years and have chronicled some of the worst perpetrators of elected leaders standing in the way of that progress.

Current Congressman from district 2 and gubernatorial candidate Steve Pearce is deadset against New Mexico or the country moving forward with progressive gun laws. While he hasn’t received big chunks from his National Rifle Association cronies in recent elections, he’s still currently the FOURTH HIGHEST recipient of NRA money of any current member of Congress overall because of his long history of taking their money to push back against ANY attempt to reign in gun violence.

That’s even higher than when we first wrote about his relationship with the gun lobby way back in 2015.

And just TODAY on a Las Cruces radio interview, Pearce was towing the line for no action, no shift in smarter gun laws.

“I don’t think gun control is going to solve a thing”

The NRA’s sway doesn’t end with top-level candidates either. Their political arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, has played in New Mexico politics for years. In 2017’s 60-day session the legislature was considering two bills that would have ended private sales of firearms in New Mexico. In New Mexico, there is no requirement that firearms be bought or sold with a background check AT ALL unless that purchase is being done through a gun store or pawn shop.

The NRA opposed those two commonsense gun-related bills and sure enough, they were killed in committee by Republican Nate Gentry with the defection of Democratic Representative Eliseo Alcon 

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