[TAKE ACTION] Tell Sec. Zinke to #CutMethane today!

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Our public lands deserve better than this. It’s up to us to protect them. Take action.

Swiftly after arriving in office, the Trump Administration launched multiple attacks on the crucial limits on the amount of methane pollution — a dangerous greenhouse gas — that the oil & gas industry is allowed to vent, leak, and simply burn off (in a process called “flaring”) on America’s public and tribal lands.

Now, the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management has released a new proposal to replace these protections. But this new draft falls far short of what we need.

Take action today, and demand the stronger protections that Americans deserve. Visit www.cutmethane.com and make your comment.

Because this dangerously lax new regulation takes direct aim at Americans’ health and safety — and wallets.

Every year, an estimated $330 million worth of natural gas is wasted through these practices on federal and tribal lands — and a huge chunk of that is literally your money going up in smoke.

According to a 2015 study, most of it is happening in your backyard — and across the American West. Thanks to this reckless behavior on behalf of the industry:

  • $26 million worth of natural gas is wasted in Colorado every year — polluting our air instead of powering our homes.
  • $28.4 million in Utah.
  • $42.5 million in Wyoming.
  • And a whopping $101 million in New Mexico.

All while taxpayers have to make up the difference in the resulting lost tax revenue, and foot the bill for what the oil & gas industry has squandered while they’ve dirtied our air and escalated the climate crisis.

In fact, BLM’s own analysis shows this new proposal will cost Americans more than $1 billion in wasted natural gas and pollution — but they’re not even holding public hearings to let you weigh in.

Don’t let this stand — and don’t let them silence you. Reach out to Secretary Zinke today, and demand strong protections from this dangerous and wasteful pollution.  And again please visit www.cutmethane.com to comment.

Thank you for standing with us,