VICTORY! Las Cruces City Council unanimously votes to go 100% renewable!

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The City of Las Cruces has already taken big steps in recent years to be less dependent on energy originating from fossil fuels and grid energy transmitted from hundreds of miles away. Monday, the City Council took a step further by committing to a three-step process to become 100 percent powered by renewable energy by 2050. In the near term, the city will take quick steps to becoming 25 percent renewable by 2022, just five years from now. 

The resolution now binds the city to take specific steps to achieve the goals set forth in the timelines. Some of the options presented were for the city to make direct investments of photovoltaic (PV) systems and install them around city properties and buildings, create a public-private partnership with utilities to acquire renewable energy from combined on-site and off-site sources, or simply buy more renewable energy directly from existing utilities.

The City of Las Cruces resolution comes after the City of Albuquerque has taken similar steps toward becoming less dependent on transmitted power. Albuquerque has committed to becoming 25 percent renewable by 2025.

Las Cruces mayor pro-tem Gill Sorg introduced the resolution and there was ample discussion from all the councilors, some calling for more to be done, others saying they were for the resolution but questioned the specifics of how it would be accomplished. But after rousing testimony from about a dozen members of the public in favor of the resolution, the council went straight into voting and passed the resolution unanimously.

Las Cruces already generates quite a bit of its own power from solar installations around the city, but it will be exciting to see more renewable projects in the months and years to come.