[TAKE ACTION] Rep. Carl Trujillo needs to resign

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We believe Laura Bonar.

It is deeply courageous for a woman to speak publicly about being sexually harassed or assaulted. 

ProgressNow New Mexico is standing with Laura as we have stood with other women in the last year speaking out against their harassers. We are joining her and others in calling for Rep. Carl Trujillo’s resignation. 

Laura wants what all women want – for women to be safe in their workplace and for elected leaders to be ethical and to be held accountable.

Instead, Trujillo responded the same way others have responded – as if he is the victim. We’ve seen this response before–the cowardice in Representative  Trujillo’s response. Like Donald Trump and like Ray Moore nationally, and John Vasquez recently in Doña Ana County,  Trujillo attacked the victim. He called her a liar. He said he barely knew her. He did everything that Trump, Moore, and Vasquez did, in order to save his political career, avoid responsibility, and dissuade other women from coming forth.

This is not acceptable behavior from anyone, ESPECIALLY those who’ve been voted into power to represent us in government. 

Please sign our petition calling on Trujillo to step down. Be sure to share the petition with your networks. Let’s continue to hold leaders accountable for their actions and keep New Mexico moving forward.