It’s time for a change in New Mexico’s House District 41

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Debbie Rodella has been the representative for House District 41 since 1993. After all that time, she’s barely faced any opposition from members of her own party, last facing a primary challenge in 2006. But after a series of votes over the last few years, it has become clear to many that it’s time for a change in the district.

Rodella has taken nearly $20,000 from the payday lending industry in the last decade and made sure that at least three times bills designed to protect New Mexicans died in the committee she chairs. As a whole, that industry has spent almost A MILLION DOLLARS in the last few years to oppose common-sense consumer protections. Such protections would ensure that predatory practices from these high-interest lenders would at least have some checks and balances, as well as legal protections for consumers.

She also introduced legislation that would have actually made it HARDER for rooftop solar companies in New Mexico to do business. Why would any legislator, let alone a Democrat, make it harder for safe and reliable energy to be accessible to average New Mexicans? Either way, Rodella has a scant 68% rating from the Conservation Voters of New Mexico, up from a paltry 45% eight years ago.

It’s time for a change in District 41. If you live in the district or have friends or family there be sure to head over to to see who is being endorsed by our partners around the state.