New polling shows 90% of New Mexicans support for smart methane requirements

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3 wells S. of ranch house (roofs show white)

As New Mexicans gather this morning to show their strong support for clean air and methane standards, Congressman Steve Pearce revealed his true colors again last night in Washington. His vote to strip funding for the implementation of federal methane requirements on the oil and gas industry wouldn’t just dirty New Mexico’s air, new polling shows it is also dramatically out of step with the will of 9 out of 10 New Mexicans.

New polling data released just yesterday shows that the way you yourself probably feel about public lands is actually the way most folks feel about it. Overall the poll shows strong support for public lands in the west, that voters reject candidates who favor extraction over conservation, and common sense issues like the Methane Rule have broad support from either side of the aisle.

It appears that Pearce didn’t get a chance to see the poll yesterday though before taking a vote to cut funding for enforcement of the Methane Rule. 89 percent of ALL New Mexicans support the rule, so it’s baffling that Pearce would vote against something with such clear interest to his constituents. But it’s not the first time by a long shot. He has consistently pushed back on preserving our most precious resources like national monuments and was once named a member of the anti-parks caucus by the Center for American Progress.

Remember it was just last month we brought you the story about Pearce pushing to block the Methane Rule and Susana Martinez went out to DC to support him? Well, he was able to get his predictable outcome last night, but it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out later in the year.

It’s just more of the same from the congressman who routinely votes against his constituents’ values on public lands issues. The poll found that 82 percent of New Mexicans consider public lands issues at least “somewhat important” as an issue for 2018 elections.

We’ll be watching this morning to see how Martinez and other states’ governors respond to planned actions this morning in Santa Fe at the National Governor’s Association meeting. ProgressNowNM will be sharing info all morning from friends and partners there to demand more be done about clean air and water for our families as well as more involvement from the state to push back against the federal government’s treatment of immigrants along the border.

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