[Action Alert] Gun violence prevention comes to BernCo, but we need your support!

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Gun violence prevention mural at NM's 13th Judicial Courthouse in Santa Fe

Next Tuesday, the Bernalillo County Commission will hear a resolution from Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins requesting New Mexico’s congressional delegation “to support all sensible gun control measures aimed at reducing gun violence while still upholding the traditions of responsible gun owners in New Mexico and across the nation.”

The Commission meeting will take place starting at 5:00pm on Tuesday, August 14 in the Vincent E. Griego chambers at 1 Civic Plaza in downtown Albuquerque. We are urging anyone who cares about seeing gun violence prevented in New Mexico and in the U.S. attend the meeting to voice their support.

Commissioner Stebbins’ resolution — read it HERE starting on “Packet Page 301” —  lays out a variety of facts and statistics to support her resolution asking our congressional members to take a stand against gun violence, a scourge that sees 318 people in America shot every day.

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Her resolution notes that “states that restrict access to firearms for those subject to domestic violence restraining orders see a 25% reduction in intimate-partner gun deaths” and that “in states that have closed federal loopholes that allow for online or unlicensed gun sales without background checks, there are 47% fewer women shot to death by intimate partners and 53% fewer law enforcement officers killed with guns.”

Additionally, “the Major Cities Chiefs Association, representing the 69 largest law enforcement agencies in the United States, recently announced its support of an updated and expanded Firearms Violence Policy that calls for legislative measures to prevent gun violence including, but not limited to: a Universal Background Check for all gun sales and transfers; expanded screening for prohibited buyers to include individuals with a violent mental health history; establishing “Red Flag” measures to prevent guns from reaching persons who threaten violence and murder; and legislation that permits court orders barring gun purchases in domestic violence cases.”

Her resolution asks our congressional delegation to support gun violence prevention measures at the federal level including but not limited to:

  1. Adopting a universal background check for all gun sales and transfers by closing all loopholes relating to online and unlicensed transactions;
  2. Banning bump stocks, high capacity magazines, and assault weapons;
  3. Enabling court orders to bar perpetrators of domestic violence, including convicted stalkers and abusive dating partners, from purchasing guns;
  4. Instituting mandatory waiting periods for firearm purchases;
  5. Passing “Red Flag” legislation to preclude gun purchases by persons with a history of violent or suicidal behavior;
  6. Aggressive prosecution of and harsher penalties for “straw purchasers” who are responsible for a substantial number of guns used in acts of violence.

Join us next Tuesday to stand up for our kids and our communities. It’s time we put an end to needless gun violence in our country and Commissioner Stebbins’ resolution is a step in the right direction.