10 Reasons why Gary Johnson Is Wrong for New Mexico

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Wait… What!? Gary Johnson is back in NM?! *facepalm*

Perrinial “outsider” and self-proclaimed “dumbest guy you’ve ever met in your whole life” Gary Johnson is officially back in New Mexico once again trying to stay relevant. Johnson filed paperwork with the Secretary of State Tuesday to run as a Libertarian, taking the place of current Commissioner of Public Lands, Aubrey Dunn. 

But before we get all hung up on the spectacle of another semi-celebrity running for office, we thought it’d be important to remind people where old Gary really stands on the issues.

Here are 10 reasons why Gary Johnson is the WRONG choice for New Mexicans in November.

  1. He doesn’t believe in the minimum wage. Listen to him proudly recall how he vetoed a higher minimum wage for New Mexicans when he was governor of the state.
  2. He would repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving people to fend for themselves in a state already suffering from a lack of affordable healthcare and access to doctors. 
  3. He wants Roe v. Wade overturned and given that the Senate is very really in a position to approve a new SCOTUS Justice, would likely be in a position to do just that.
  4. He supports raising the retirement age, privatizing social security, and cutting benefits, all issues very real and very harmful to New Mexicans. 
  5. He would gut Medicare and Medicaid by 43 percent which would devastate families in New Mexico.
  6. Johnson doesn’t think the government has any role to play in helping to fight climate change and that “the free market” should be trusted to reverse the effects of the extraction industry.
  7. He doesn’t support common-sense gun regulations despite the fact that the majority of New Mexicans do. When asked if he supports laws that restrict gun sales he answered emphatically “I do not.”
  8. He’s been hostile to workers, expressing no qualms about workers losing jobs to overseas markets and chalking it up, once again, to “the free market.”
  9. He wants to fully privatize our education system and thinks abolishing “traditional public schools” would be “for the better.”
  10. And finally, he really does take pride in his ignorance of issues. He once high-fived former president George HW Bush after they confessed to each other they both didn’t know what was going on at a conference on state government they were attending.

The US has been facing the ongoing fallout of electing someone who ran on a platform of “not being a politician” and wanting to dismantle the government. As unlikely as it is that Johnson will gain any real traction, it’s important to remember that he really does believe all his rhetoric and his ideas would harm New Mexico in really tangible ways.

Let’s not fall for the hype, NM. Let’s keep moving New Mexico forward.