Healthcare is NOT a crime- sign our petition NOW!

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Healthcare is not a crime. But, all over the country, Republican-led state legislatures are working hard to criminalize pregnant people and doctors when it comes to abortion. In New Mexico, we can hold our own beliefs about abortion but respect that personal decision as something for our family members and neighbors to make for themselves. We keep our doors and hearts open to those around us and across the country- those whose access to safe and legal abortion is being stripped away.

Join ProgressNow New Mexico as we work with our partners at the Respect New Mexico Women Coalition to repeal the outdated criminal statute in order to protect access to safe and legal abortion by signing on to our petition now- click here to sign. It only takes a minute to let your legislators know that you care about New Mexico families.

The New Mexico State Legislative Session starts January 15, 2019 at noon in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Click here to see go to the state legislature website.