Two days before anniversary of Aztec shooting, NRA warns NM members of “attacks” on gun rights

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Black semi-automatic handgun laid over stock of hundred dollar bills.

In a grossly insensitive and inflammatory letter on Wednesday, the National Rifle Association warned its New Mexico members to “Expect Unprecedented Attacks On Your Second Amendment Rights During The 2019 Legislative Session.” 

This letter came two days before today’s one-year anniversary of the fatal, shooting at Aztec High School; an actual attack that left two young people dead. 

So, who’s really under “attack?” New Mexico gun owners? No, they’re not. Common sense gun regulations are supported by the majority of voters. We know that by the results of this year’s elections. One year ago, ProgressNow New Mexico published this piece about how Steve Pearce was actually trying to make it easier for people to purchase firearms on the day of the horrific attack in Aztec. It seems voters remembered that.

New Mexico has some of the most NON-restrictive gun laws of any state in the nation including no regulation on the purchase of firearms through private sales. What is often called “universal background checks” is something that 90% of Americans support, but in New Mexico, only guns purchased through dealers are subject to background checks. It’s time to modernize New Mexico’s gun laws and bring them inline with other states that require ALL purchases be accompanied with a background check. 

It appears as if 2019 could be the year we see this happen. Linda Trujillo, HD 48, already has introduced a bill for 2019 that would require gun owners to limit access to firearms in households with children. And a comprehensive background check bill is expected as well. 

The NRA will likely commit massive dollars to fighting these common sense gun reform measures in 2019. There will be more emails, maybe even armed demonstrations at the capital like the one in Las Cruces last summer. But New Mexico voters are resolute in their desire to see REAL change. We can’t let the deep pockets of the NRA and their small but vocal membership dictate the safety of our citizens. 

We’ll be covering the 2019 session as we do every year. As we know more about proposed legislation we’ll be bringing you more information and letting you know how you can support the progressive champions in the legislature who will hopefully, FINALLY, be making real change for New Mexico in 2019.