ProgressNow NM Denounces Anti-Abortion Extremists

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Since voting to protect safe and legal healthcare, many legislators in New Mexico have been receiving messages with personal and often times violent content. Representative Angelica Rubio (D-35) shared on Facebook the vitriol that she and even her parents have received about her vote in favor of House Bill 51- the Keep Abortion Safe And Legal bill.

ProgressNow New Mexico wants New Mexico communities to know the extent of this behavior.

Anti-abortion extremists have been targeting Rep Rubio’s parents, who are elders, as well as the family members of other representatives who supported the bill.

Rep Rubio felt moved to address the attack on her family on her Facebook page, saying,

“So, before you decide to challenge my parents’ morality, and degrade them for an informed decision their 40 year old daughter took in the New Mexico State Legislature–which, by the way, is supported by a majority of my colleagues and New Mexicans–I suggest you call me first rather than be self-righteous and spew posts on social media. Maria and Eduardo are good people, who only did the best that they could with what they had. And while we may not ever agree on issues like this, they trust that the vote I took last week, was the right one. Because they trust me.”

Just as Representative Rubio’s parents trust her to vote in the best interest of her district and the state, we must trust women to make the best decision for their bodies and lives.

Representative Rubio is not the only legislator who has been targeted.  Representative Small (D-36) has been the subject of commentary from those who seek to limit access to safe and legal abortion.  The majority of comments have come from people living outside of the state of New Mexico who have no vested interest in the wellbeing of New Mexican families.

New Mexicans  value equated respecting for others, even when we disagree. It is critical that we all stand together to stay violence and attacking families of our elected officials has no place in New Mexico.

How can you help?

Tell legislators who voted in support of HB51 how much their vote to keep abortion safe and legal meant to you. EMAIL THEM NOW!


Share this graphic on your personal Facebook or Twitter and tag your representative to thank them for protecting reproductive healthcare!