5 Reasons New Mexico Must Pass SB 8- Background Checks for Firearms

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Black semi-automatic handgun laid over stock of hundred dollar bills.

On January 30, Senate Bill 8 (Firearm Sale Background Check), sponsored by Senators Wirth and Martinez, passed Senate Judiciary!

Some time very soon, SB 8 will be heard on the Senate Floor and we want to dispel some gross mistruths about gun safety measures that are moving through committee in the New Mexico State Legislature.

Here are 5 reasons that we need background checks for firearms:

  • When Connecticut implemented this law, their gun homicide rate went down by 40%
  • Women shot to death by intimate partners went down by 47%
  • In many states, 1 out of 10 people seeking guns have backgrounds that wouldn’t allow them to have guns in the first place
  • Background checks have blocked more than 3 million sales
  • Quinnipiac University polling found that 97% of Americans across the aisle support background checks

This is not some radical bill. This is common sense and it saves lives. The proposed legislation will require online sellers to do what retailers have had to do for decades: a background check.

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