One step closer to real energy independence​ in New Mexico

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SB 489, the Energy Transition Act cleared its first hurdle this past Saturday as it passed out of the Senate Conservation Committee 5-3. ProgressNow New Mexico joins our robust coalition of statewide partners in thanking the committee for making this a priority for the state NOW and for the future of New Mexico.

However, almost immediately after the bill passed from the committee, detractors of the bill continued to blanket media space with renewed attacks about this important legislation.  New Energy Economy sent out another misleading email about this landmark bill.

NEE stated, “SB 489 does NOT close the plant. PNM would receive their $320 million windfall from SB 489 and the San Juan Generating Station could continue operations.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As you know, ProgressNow New Mexico has joined leading environmental organizations, labor unions, community groups, Speaker Brian Egolf, and Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to support the Energy Transition Act. One of the main reasons why is that the ETA ensures the retirement of the San Juan Generating Station, while also providing $40 million to safeguard miners and their families, and assist in the region’s planning for economic diversity and prosperity.

The Energy Transition Act sets an emission performance standard of 845 lbs/MWh for the plant after 2022. This is important because the State Legislature cannot require a coal plant to close, any more than it can require a restaurant to close. What a legislature can do is assure that, if a coal plant (or restaurant) threatens human health, it must clean up to continue operating. That’s exactly what the Energy Transition Act does. By requiring the plant to reduce its post-2022 CO2 emission rate from 2300 lbs/MWh to 845 lbs/MWh, it sets an emission rate that no coal plant in the United States has been able to economically achieve. That is the best–and legal–way to achieve closure.

Check out the facts about New Energy Economy’s spurious claims. Together, we can make New Mexico the nation’s leader in renewable energy, and protect San Juan miners and their families.