URGENT ACTION NEEDED- Permanently Protect Access to Abortion in NM

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Yesterday, Representative Rod Montoya (R) presented HB 600- the “Women’s Health & Safety” Act- in the House Consumer and Public Affairs (HCPAC). Let’s be real- this is a nefarious move to limit access for women and young people when seeking reproductive healthcare. We heard a lot of really untrue, dangerous, and frankly, violent, rhetoric that we won’t justify here.

What we will do is share the testimony of real, New Mexico families building trust and communication together and from providers who trust their patients to be active participants in their own care. Check out these tweets and Instagram stories of coverage from folks who respect New Mexico families’ private health decisions.

Our friend at Strong Families New Mexico, Adriann Barboa, testified that we can’t legislate communication between young people and their caregivers.

“Thank you Adriann for talking about why we cannot legislate family communication. We trust young people to make decisions about their reproductive healthcare, we cannot force parental notification for abortion.”

The testimony was heard and the vote delayed until Tuesday, 3/5/19.

House Bill 608- a bill to permit healthcare providers to refuse care to patients seeking an abortion- is also on HCPAC’s agenda for Tuesday. This bill is not only terrible, it’s unnecessary. According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, providers may already refuse care if it is against a provider’s morals or values. This also enshrined in state law. And we know that doctors already have no problem refusing care- read this short Twitter thread from Rachael Lorenzo about their experience with being refused abortion care.

These extreme bills have no place in our state, and neither do anti-abortion extremists’ dangerous and violent tactics to restrict access and harass elected officials. Their rhetoric has no place in New Mexico, in our families’ lives, or in the middle of patient and healthcare provider relationships.

Want to help us NOW?

We need your help-
HB 51 will be heard TOMORROW, March 2, 1 PM, in Santa Fe.

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