Almost 500 New Mexicans have already signed letters supporting our clean energy future: Now it’s your turn!

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A few weeks back ProgressNow New Mexico published a blog exposing so-called “Power the Future” for the (likely) Koch Brothers-funded mouthpieces they really are. The response from across the state has been incredible!

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Our friends at Conservation Voters of New Mexico even sent our blog out to their members with a call to action to tell Larry Behrens, PTF’s local spokes-lackey and long-time NM conservative mouthpiece, that New Mexicans are not reversing course. We’re invested in clean, renewable energy future AND in ensuring that workers from across the state, including those in the oil and gas fields, are represented with longterm and sustainable options not tied to the volatile global energy syndicates.

They’ve had almost 500 responses SO FAR!

Here’s the letter CVNM sent out:

The Energy Transition Act is being targeted by an out of state, Koch-funded political hitman. Tell them they’re out of touch and New Mexicans are ready for a clean energy future.

Conservation Voters like you, and across the state, helped pass one of the most ambitious clean energy bills in the country. The Energy Transition Act was the most important piece of energy policy at the legislative session because it establishes a pathway for an energy transition in the Four Corners area while providing relief to workers in San Juan County affected by the closure of coal plants.  

Larry Behrens and the Koch-funded organization, Power the Future, claim that the Energy Transition Act (ETA) is too radical, will cost too many jobs and was crafted by out of state interests. Their claims could not be further from the truth. The Energy Transition Act passed with bipartisan support – a product of bringing together New Mexicans of all walks of life, stakeholders, tribal communities, local leaders and community organizations. Not only does the ETA set a mandate of 100 percent carbon-free energy for New Mexico, but also looks out for communities impacted by coal plant closures. San Juan County is set to receive $40 million for workforce training and economic development.

Let Power the Future know that New Mexicans won’t be intimidated by industry and Koch money. Send them a direct email.

Power the Future is engaging in bad faith arguments and is only interested in keeping New Mexico shackled to polluting industries. Power the Future’s mission statement makes it clear they are an industry advocacy group: they want our state to continue its reckless boom-and-bust economy, they don’t want to address high rates of childhood asthma caused by industry and gas pollution, and they aren’t interested in a clean energy transition. Their objective is to advocate for industry – not people, and not communities. The implementation of the ETA will require coordination with community groups, tribal and elected leaders, advocates and stakeholders to ensure our transition is just. Power the Future is trying to undermine dialogue between the community and environmental advocacy groups in an attempt to stop our progress.

Send Larry Behrens an email to make sure he knows that New Mexico is ready for a clean energy future.

Thank you for being a Conservation Voter,

Ben Shelton
CVNM Political & Legislative Director

Well, we absolutely love when we all get together and speak with one voice, so we’re sharing THEIR call-to-action with YOU! Click the button below to send YOUR letter of support of a clean energy future for New Mexico, and tell these Koch-funded pundits we don’t need their outside influence to tell us how to make New Mexico a leader in clean energy!