**UPDATED-GOP Staffer: Blacks Should Thank Whites Post-Slavery

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Yep, you read the headline right. This week, GOP Staffer, Stella Padilla, added to her own barrage of hate-fueled social media posts with a new image depicting deceased Civil War soldiers, the text above it reading: Over 620,000 White People Died to Free Black Slaves And Still To This Day Not Even 1 Thank You.

(See below for original post and enlarged, *graphic* image.)

This is the same GOP contractor who sought to exploit the conditions in which asylum seekers were going to be housed in Albuquerque. After trespassing, she and GOP side-kick Dinah Vargas were kicked off the closed campus for unauthorized filming.

You would think that the GOP-which has incessantly beaten the drum on Real ID initiatives, and is obsessed with people’s birth certificates would have done their due diligence to vet a prospective employee. It’s 2019 folks, and an Internet search is not that hard. In fact, a quick look at her public Facebook profile brings up one disturbing post after another.

The alternative to a GOP plea of ignorance, would be that they did, in fact, look her up, condone the behavior and actually agree with her. So which is it?

Clearly, this individual holds some deeply-seated racist views, which, unfortunately, is not a new issue to our New Mexico community. We’re calling out Stella Padilla as a GOP Staffer because we believe that the GOP needs to take a hard look at their values and whether or not they reflect the values of our families here in New Mexico. The GOP owes it to our community to publicly denounce the racist posts and in addition, should send their staff to community-led, anti-racism trainings.

Perhaps, in a bit of irony, Padilla’s Facebook cover photo reads “Let’s Move New Mexico Forward.”

GOP take note: you can’t “move New Mexico forward” without a clear understanding of what is regressive and holding us back.

**UPDATE: It’s been days since ProgressNow New Mexico called out the New Mexico GOP Staffer for her pattern of racist postings. Undeterred, Ms. Padilla continues to share racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic graphics on social media. Where is the GOP? Radio silent- even noted by other conservatives.

Racism, homophobia and Islamophobia are not New Mexican values. New Mexico GOP Chair Steve Pearce, where are you? Step up against these actions or step down.