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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a lifeline for millions of Americans while lowering costs and improving the quality of care. It has strengthened Medicare and Medicaid by expanding access while also containing costs and reducing waste, fraud, and abuse of public programs.

Despite the vast benefits it provides for millions of Americans, the ACA has become political fodder for its opponents. President Trump and his administration have consistently sought to undermine and repeal the ACA. Overturning the law would disrupt coverage for 15 million people, including 90,000 New Mexicans, who receive health insurance through an ACA exchange and 15 million more who were covered by the expansion of Medicaid. Medicare recipients would face steep increases in drug prices, disrupted access to free birth control, mammograms, and cholesterol tests, and children would potentially be prohibited from staying on their parents’ health insurance until age 26. Repealing the ACA would also eliminate critically important federal protections for many Americans living with pre-existing conditions.


We’re helping out our friends at Protect the Promise by alerting ProgressNow New Mexico readers to their important campaign. 

Protect the Promise is sending letters of support to Sen. Martin Heinrich and Congressman Ben Ray Luján asking them to continue supporting the ACA. Join us in standing with our representatives and ensuring all New Mexicans have access to affordable health care options.

Along with Protect the Promise, we oppose any legislative repeal, legal attempts to find the ACA unconstitutional and legislative or administrative changes that curb its benefits.

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