Why you should care that New Mexico Oil & Gas is working with NAZIs

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ProgressNow New Mexico has been working for the last few months to unravel the complicated ties that the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA) has with numerous outside entities working to control the narrative around extraction in the state. We’ve found heaps of evidence to support our claims that NMOGA has evolved from just another industry advocate to fully trying to change the culture of New Mexico.

We think it’s important you understand why this matters so here’s our quick rundown on everything you need to know.

There is no doubt that NMOGA is working with all of these nefarious characters. To what degree is unknown, but when NMOGA redesigned their website, logo, messaging, and social media content around the same time as these meetings were happening, they evolved from just another industry-supporting lobby group to a powerhouse messaging platform that bombards the New Mexico media landscape with a never-ending barrage of pro-oil, pro-drilling, pro-industry hype.

In an era where hate-filled rhetoric from the President is seen on a daily basis, the companies that support his jingoist agenda should be thrust further into the public light. While NMOGA contends their just working to promote the extraction industry, problematic in itself because you know, climate change, their choice of business partners should concern all of us.