#GOPSoRacist right before local elections around NM

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With just a few days before local elections take place around the state, arch-conservative “news” outlet the New Mexico Political Journal posted this incredibly racist post about the time change. (If the link is broken good, there’s a screencap below to check out too)

Here’s the link

And also here’s a screenshot, because honestly we’ve been reporting the post to Facebook and hope it gets taken down because it clearly depicts anti-Islamic views and racist views toward people from the Middle East in general. But it’s important we document these cases of racism and call them out as we see them.

Just so we’re all clear here, NMPJ is operated by former NM Republican Senator Rod Adair. According to his own About page, his publication doesn’t “tolerate racism or ethnic bigotry” but clearly they don’t understand what those terms really mean.

“But wait, doesn’t the NMPJ kinda hate the New Mexico GOP Party right now?” you might ask.

Well, yes and no. Adair and his… “team” (?) have been pretty pro-Martinez Administration since they started in 2015; you might say they represent a moderate faction of the Republican Party in NM, but obviously still rife with racism and jingoism. Adair loves calling out Steve Pearce, the current head of the state GOP, and honestly we love to see it. But the larger GOP establishment is still paying attention to NMPJ, as evidenced by their baseless lawsuit filed in Doña Ana County on Friday.

If you missed that, basically NMPJ published this article Friday morning, laying a bunch of BS accusations at the DAC County Clerk’s office about absentee ballots. By that evening, the state GOP apparatus and at least one local candidate in the county had filed lawsuits and NMPJ was quick to claim credit.

So, we don’t really care which side of the division of the seemingly always racist NM GOP folx might fall under. Whether its from the Party themselves of their petty homegrown newsletter website, racism is racism and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

We hope our readers go out and vote already wherever they are across the state (if you haven’t already voted early!) and vote for candidates who openly reject racism whenever and wherever.