Happy Birthday New Mexico, you beautiful Capricorn you

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New Mexico was admitted into the United States on January 6, 1912, to become the 47th state in the Union. We sure do love A LOT about living here, but we also see some places we can keep improving to make New Mexico that much better in the years to come!

THINGS WE LOVE: I love our food, the deep culture, and above all the way we protect and lead in reproductive justice. New Mexico has been ahead of the curve in changing the paradigm around this, and other states actually defer to our methods/policies! 
ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Creating better access and equity of care in our mental health and recovery infrastructures. Developing and implementing sustainable programs and training for whole health, cultural competency, and epigenetic traumas for caregivers/providers. This is crucial for our families that deal with mental health, and recovery concerns. 

THINGS WE LOVE: If you ask anyone visiting our state what they love most, they always point to our people. We love that New Mexico is known for our kindness and generosity- attributes that are firmly rooted in the cultures of our state. Any efforts to preserve our traditions, languages, and ways of being should be bolstered and held in the highest regard. 
ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: We have to fund our K-12 education system. We can’t fund early childhood education and free college without drastically moving the needle for students in K-12, many of whom still need basics… like full-time teachers and access to warm classrooms in the winter. Couple basics with a rockstar state-wide public school program focused on culturally relevant teaching and learning and we could be leading the nation, innovating with our cultures at the forefront of our public education system!

THINGS WE LOVE: New Mexico is a beautiful state with diverse natural spaces from the craggy desert peaks in the south to the alpine forests in the north, and everything in between. We’ve taken great steps to protect these areas through creating national monuments, beginning the effort to form wildlife corridors, and the initial steps taken to protect our resources through better management of natural resources. We’ve also implemented the Office of Outdoor Recreation WITH some intentionality behind it to ensure EVERYONE has access to our beautiful outdoor spaces.

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: We all recognize the revenue generated by oil and gas as important to our state’s success, but we cannot fight global climate change and the acute health issues faced by our citizens without further efforts to implement a reasonable methane rule to curb venting and flaring in our state. Additionally, we need to find new and reliable sources of revenue because we all know the boom and bust cycle of the fossil fuel industry.

What do you love about New Mexico? Where do you see room for improvement? Take a minute and share this post, tweet at us or post to your Instagram Story and tag us in it and let us know!