GOP “Big Tent” Event is Small Circus Flop

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It was an event that had been publicized for months- the Republican Party partnered with Cowboys for Trump (the GOP mouthpiece for their disgraced presidential candidate) to tout their “conservative unity” rally. It was meant to bring together anti-abortion extremists, gun extremists, and anyone from anti-vaxxers to the anti-taxers. The reality of the event? GOP staffers, a few speakers and a handful of horses.

The GOP-organized event was a flop; most people inside the Roundhouse didn’t even know it was happening. But for New Mexico families, it was not a shocker that the event was such a failure. Speaker after speaker made a plea to women and people of color to join the Republican Party. Newsflash, GOP: when you run policies that hurt New Mexico families and workers, it turns out they don’t really want to hang around with you.

Their speaker line-up included failed gubernatorial candidate Steve Pearce, gun obsessionist Stefani Lord (who recently claimed Mom’s Demand Action have “sugar daddies”) racists and (former?) GOP staffers Dinah Vargas and Stella Padilla (who suggested Black folks should thank whites post-slavery). Short, lackluster speeches also came from Republican Representatives Rod Montoya, Candy Ezzell, David Gallegos and Larry Scott. Poor Bud Shaver looked on from the sidelines as another speaker filled the role of anti-abortion extremism. Too bad, Bud. Looks like your time is up.

It was not lost upon anyone that the GOP wasn’t able to pull out a large crowd. Several folks walked away from the short rally, maneuvering around the horse excretion that lay in the middle of the walkway- compliments of Cowboys for Trump.

Classic case of conservatism: always leaving shit for the rest of us to clean up.