Congressional campaign manager “shoots” at rainbow-colored piñata “for (NM Leg) passing SB5”

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It’s astounding the kind of hatred that has become commonplace in the wake of the current administration’s rise to power. From full-on white supremacists marching in the streets to policy-oriented mandates that have caged children and deported veterans.

Here in New Mexico, unfortunately, the theme seems to have continued right down the line, with multiple instances of the State Republican party either directly contributing to something hate-filled, or ignoring it when one of their surrogates does something. That being said, we don’t have high hopes that anything will come of this report, but it remains important as ever to call out hatred and bigotry when we see it.

The following images were actually POSTED to the Republican Party of Otero County, New Mexico Facebook page by Amy Smith Barela, the Chair of that group. Posted separately from other similar photos, this post specifically names “Dakota” (sic) as the person pointing the handgun at the rainbow-colored piñata.

The original post, as posted by the chair of the Otero County Republican Party. This is Dakotah Parshall, campaign manager for Yvette Herrell
If you look closely at the rainbow-colored piñata, you can see the red dot from the laser being emitted by the gun, held by Parshall.

This person is Dakotah Parshall, Campaign Manager for Yvette Herrell, one of the three Republican candidates running in CD2 against incumbent Xochitl Torres Small.

Others apparently took their turn as well to point a gun at “the donkey” as it’s described by Smith Barela:

This all happened last Sunday according to the posted dates but was brought to light on Facebook this week by Democratic Chair from Otero County, Jeff Swanson. Normally we wouldn’t out our own sources, but in this case, it’s important to bring something else to light as this story has unfolded. Yesterday, after Swanson’s appeal for clarification on the person pictured, his post was ALSO screenshot and posted to this Facebook page with a disturbing claim:

To be clear, as you can see in the original post featuring Parshall, his name is published (spelled incorrectly, but nonetheless) on a public page on a public forum. Mr. Swanson’s post published no new information about the person, nor any private information consistent with “doxing.” But considering the running theme here is that Republicans are apparently fine with aiming guns at symbols of both Latino culture and queer pride to “protest” a gun law, there’s a strong implication toward violence.