PNNM Statement on Standing Up to Racism and Domestic Terrorism

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Dear ProgressNow NM Members, 

We want to reaffirm to you our commitment to calling out racism, systemic oppression of our communities, and right wing extremists. Period. Our families’ lives depend on it. We will not be intimidated into doing otherwise by anyone from the extreme right or from folx we still consider friends. That’s not who we are. There’s too much at stake for us to turn our back on our values and on the families of New Mexico. 

Doing this work is not easy. Nor, at times, is it safe. But the time to be bold in our nation’s history is now. Under new leadership at ProgressNow NM, we’ve focused heavily on exposing racism, calling-in folks from our progressive movement when they perpetuate systemic racism and also, calling out racist, extremist, domestic terrorist groups like the NM Civil Guard and the Proud Boys. Throughout the process, our team has been doxxed by these groups, our pictures published, our addresses shared and even so far as ourselves and our families being called on the phone and harassed by known and self-identified Proud Boys. 

We want to make it clear: we are not afraid, we are not ashamed, and pressure, regardless of where it comes from, will not stop our work. 

That’s our promise to you and our promise to future generations. We’re doing the difficult work it takes to make the world a better place for future generations to thrive. Thank you as ever for your support in the past and we hope you’re with us as we take bold steps into the future.