Doh! ALEC says Martinez-era econ. policies hurt NM economy

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How’s that economic recovery plan going, governor?

When she was elected in 2010, Martinez promised that her plan to slash corporate income taxes and reduce government services was the plan to expand our private sector and propel New Mexico’s lagging economy far ahead of other states.

Three years later, even her supporters are admitting the obvious: the Martinez recovery plan is a bust.

First, in 2012 we saw corporate CEO’s drop New Mexico’s ranking in the Best/Worst places to do business.

Then, a national business publication ranked Susana Martinez among the worst governors in the country for private sector job growth.

Worst jobs governors

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That can’t be helpful to one’s re-election campaign.

NOW…  ALEC has released its 2014 “Rich States, Poor States” report comparing the economic competitiveness of the states as they concocted it. According to ALEC, New Mexico has become less competitive and performed very poorly compared to the national average since Martinez started calling the economic development shots.

ALEC 2014 Report on New Mexico Economic Policy.  Click to view the whole report.

ALEC 2014 Report on New Mexico Economic Policy. Click to view the whole report.


ALEC provides it’s ranking according to variables they say are “highly influenced by state policy.”  And their analysis says New Mexico lost four spots in economic competitiveness last year alone, down to 37 out of 50 (bad).  And looking back, the three main variables they test to show economic performance ALL SANK (by a LOT) since Martinez took over.

What is ALEC?  Get a quick primer from here

To be fair, their methodology has been debunked a thousand ways to Sunday, but conservatives still trot it out every year to make some point or another. From Good Jobs First and the Iowa Policy Project:

The American Legislative Exchange Council’s Rich States Poor States studies have since 2007 urged states to cut taxes and suppress wages in order to create jobs and raise incomes. But the states ALEC rates best turn out to have actually done the worst.

Read the full report and release here.